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Healthcare Interview Series-Dywayne White, RN, MBA

To continue our interview series highlighting minority professionals in the healthcare field, we have a registered nurse-Dywayne White.

Dywayne White is from Skipwith, VA a rural town in Mecklenburg county. Dywayne joined the Chase City Volunteer Rescue Squad during his senior year of High School. Dywayne started as an EMT and later became a Paramedic. Dywayne had no idea of what he wanted to do when he graduated, however he fell in love with helping people and the Adrenaline rush on the Rescue Squad. This passion led him to a career in nursing. Dywayne attended J Sargent Community college where he received his associate in Nursing, then went to Liberty University where he received a BSN and MBA.

Dywayne worked at VCU/MCV for 11 years. As a level one trauma center Dywyane recognized how pivotal his experience there was. He has worked in every ICU and numerous other floors. Dywayne later joined the VA National Guard as Combat Medic and served for 20 years. While in service he did two tours In Iraq and additional state side missions. Dywayne is currently the Infectious Disease Coordinator for the Department of Justice and like most places is working to minimize Covid-19.



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