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Healthcare Interview Series-Da' Juan Harris, CRNA

This months healthcare interview series sheds a light on Da'Juan Harris a Certified Nurse Anesthetist.

Da'Juan Harris is a self motivated, goal oriented healthcare provider. Originally from Wichita (witch-itaw, Kansas then transplanting to Georgia. Da'Juan knew at an early age that working in the medical field was his calling. While in high school in Georgia he took a health occupations class that cemented his belief that he had found his calling. Immediately upon graduating high school Da'Juan joined the US Navy to become a Hospital Corpsman (HM). His Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) journey started over 20 years ago when he first met a CRNA on the USS Wasp while at sea in the Navy. Upon leaving the Navy with an Honorable discharge he immediately pursued his degree in Nursing. He graduated from Southside Regional Medical Center School of Nursing with a Hospital Diploma degree in Nursing.

After graduation he thought about continuing his education and becoming a CRNA, but felt like he needed a break from school. While working on a Cardiac Step down he met his mentor. His mentor along with numerous conversations gave him several book suggestions that sparked his mind about continuing his education and becoming an entrepreneur. After going back to school Da'Juan to continue his education he obtained his BSN, and Masters in Business. After 10 years as a nurse in various positions such as Cardiac step down unit, medical surgical unit, Corrections Nurse, Nurse Supervisor, and Nurse Manager Da'Juan decided to chase his dream to become a CRNA. He attended Wolford College (now Keiser University) in Naples, Florida. He received a Masters of Nurse Anesthesia and became a board certified Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). In anesthesia he found his passion. Da'Juan is also an author, entrepreneur which he calls a nursepreneur, foodie, & adventurer that loves seeing the world and tasting great cuisines.

-Two Be B.R.O.W.N.



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